Why black garlic?

Schwarzer Knoblauch

To eat garlic in raw form is the best way to absorb all of its nutrients.

Due to the strong taste and the incipient smell many people however avoid garlic.

The black garlic enhances the positive properties of garlic and makes it more raw than ordinary fresh garlic.

Preparation (fermentation)

Black garlic is ordinary garlic which is naturally aged by fermentation.

Fresh garlic is preserved for several weeks by heat and air. This process is already used in many areas of food production.

Within the fermentation, sugar and amino acids are converted into organic compounds.

The fermented garlic becomes soft and sticky. The taste goes in a sweetish sense, aromas of plum or even balsamico. A light garlic taste remains.


Garlic is represented as a spice all over the world, as it has many health benefits. In science one agrees that garlic was used earlier as a cure for many diseases.

As a result of cooking, important nutrients are often lost in garlic. Many are afraid to consume raw garlic, since not all of them can tolerate it.

Black garlic is raw much more tolerable and does not have that dull, almost biting smell like fresh garlic.


The following important nutrients are obtained in the black garlic: amino acids, vitamins, lipoid, calories, sodium, calcium, iron zinc, potassium, magnesium, selenium.

This makes black garlic particularly attractive for sports punches.

We agree that the garlic is very healthy and would therefore like to bring you the garlic.

Origin of our products

We take care that our products contain exclusively garlic from Spain. Spanish garlic is considered one of the best in the world. Ideal soil and weather conditions ensure a very high quality of the garlic.